Working in Lat Krabang

Have questions about housing, shopping, transportation in the Lat Krabang area.  This page will answer some of your questions.

General Information

For Information about the Lat Krabang Area in general please check out the WikiTravel page:  WikiTravel

One of my favorite websites for searching for rental properties is DDProperty because they have a searchable Google Map.   

HINT: The condos listed on DDProperty and other rental sites are often several thousand baht higher than if you visit the property and look at their rental bulletin boards in the building lobby.

Lat Krabang Area Housing

There are several housing options close to KMIDS which include 1-bedroom condos, townhomes and housing estates.  The most popular housing option for teachers who live near the campus is Savanabhumi Townhomes which are close to campus and provide easy access to transportation. Many nice housing estates exist in the area however you would need a car or to call a GRAB Taxi on a daily basis.  The condos in the area are mostly 1 bedroom.

Airport Link Housing

Another option is to live closer to Bangkok and take the Airport Link to school.  Several of our teachers do this however they have a 45 – 1 hour commute. They live in condominiums near the Hua Mark and Rahkemhaeng Airport Link Stations. 
You can search for Hua Mak condos here:  Link to Hua Mak Condos
You can search for Rahkemhaeng area condos here:  Link to Rakhemhaeng Condos

Shopping & Dining