1. Candidates should not have serious medical or emotional conditions that may affect their learning capacity.
  2. Candidates must be proficient in written and spoken English.
  3. Candidates should be especially interested in mathematics, science, and technology. 

4.1 For candidates entry in Grade 6 – 8 must be currently enrolled in the following grade level

Grade 6 

American System 

  Thai System

  British System

Grade 5 

Prathom 5 

Year 6 


Other education system’s grade level that is equivalent to Grade 5 of American system

Grade 7 

American System 

  Thai System

  British System

Grade 6 

Prathom 6

Year 7 


 Other education system’s grade level that is equivalent to Grade 6 of American system

Grade 8 

American System 

  Thai System

  British System

Grade 7 

Mathayom 1

Year 8 


 Other education system’s grade level that is equivalent to Grade 7 of American system


4.2  For candidates entry in Grade 9 – 10 

Grade 9 

American System 

  Thai System

  British System

Grade 8 

Mathayom 2

Year 9 


Other education system’s grade level that is equivalent to Grade 8 of American system

Grade 10 

American System 

  Thai System

  British System

Grade 9 

Mathayom 3

Year 10 


 Other education system’s grade level that is equivalent to Grade 9 of American system


KMIDS divides the admission process into three periods in the following order: 

  1. Application period
  2. Examination period
  3. Payment period

KMIDS will have approximately 3-4 admission periods in total before the start of the new semester. You can follow the announcement of the application period from : 


1.Application period

Parents are required to do the following order during the application  : 

1.1 Parents are required to complete the application form by choosing one of the following three options: 

*Note :  all three options require your active email address. 

  •  Filling out the form online through the website*

If you would like to apply online, please fill out this inquiry form first and wait for a confirmation email from our admission officer regarding the next steps.

You can Download the registration  form here 

  •  Filling out the application form at the school.

You can contact for booking the exclusive school tour via  or 062-595-4222

1.2  After submitting your application [ any chosen way ], The admission officer will contact you via email and send a link to apply for the examination online. 

 Then follow the instructions on the websites from the link and fill in the information for Phase ONE of the registration. 

1.3  Scan and upload the required documents

1.4  Pay an admission fee of 5,500 baht via money transfer to the KMIDS bank account 

( SCB Saving Account no : 088 – 2 – 60770 – 1 )

*The Application fee covers the cost of examination ( standardized tests ) and interview for one candidate. It is noted that the Application fee must be paid at least one week before the admission tests. 

1.5 Send the payment slip to and a copy to


2.Examination period

To ensure that KMIDS maintains its strive for excellence, MAP [ Measures of Academic Progress ] Tests and Interview are our assessment tools to examine our prospective students. 

These assessments are mandatory and cannot be supplemented.

*Parents will receive an email containing exam details and the date before the exam. 

Examination Schedule Grade 6 – 10  



07:30 – 08:00

Check-in process

08:00 – 11:00

MAP Test [ Reading ] + MAP Test [ Math ] 

11:00 – 12:00



Lunch break and dismissal

Part 1 

  1. MAP Test [ Reading ] 

1.15 hours

  1. MAP Test [ Math ] 

1.15 hours 

  1. Essay Writing

45 minutes 

Exam result Announcement for MAP Test and Essay

Part 2 

*Only for students who pass the assessments in the part one 

  1. Interview 

10 minutes / person

*Examinee will need to bring their own laptop [ Windows or iMac laptop are recommended ] 

Please note : We cannot support Android or iPad devices for the examinee’s test.

*The examination time and schedule mentioned are subject to change and advised as needed due to any unexpected circumstances.  

The Examination procedures are as follows : 

  • Candidates arrive at the test venue at 7:30 a.m. and do the check-in process before entering the examination rooms. 
  • Candidates enter the exam room at 8:00 a.m. [ The candidates are not allowed to enter the room after the specified time and the application fee cannot be refunded.] 
  • Candidates are allowed to take only their own laptops and pencils into the examination. Other items such as pens, wristwatches, cellphones, and other electronic devices are not allowed. 


3.Payment period

Qualified candidates must confirm their enrollment status at KMIDS Admission Office by making a full payment following the announcement of exam results. 

You can find additional details on payments and fees by visiting this page.

Our school welcomes international students to apply, regardless of the administrative process they choose. All international students are required to take the same exam as other students.

If an student is unable to attend the exam location, due to the emergency reason, they can contact our admissions department to make alternative arrangements.

You can contact the admissions department via:


Students whose siblings enrolled at KMIDS can apply for admission following the same procedures as other applicants. It is essential to emphasize that these candidates must participate in the examination process, and admission is not guaranteed automatically.



KMIDS is dedicated to an integrated STEAM curriculum, encompassing

Science,  Technology,  Engineering , and Mathematics (STEM) with the valuable addition of the Arts (the A).

The KMIDS STEAM curriculum centers around interactive and inquiry-based academic instruction, placing student-focused learning at its core. This curriculum blends experimental and relevant study sections to enhance the learning experience.

Within the KMIDS STEAM curriculum, students can engage and learn from diverse interdisciplinary projects and activities, all in established standards. It caters to those interested in inquiry-based learning, creative expression, problem-solving, technology, engineering processes, and a deep understanding of contemporary societal realities.

Through innovative STEAM teaching practices, KMIDS aims to equip our students with the advanced scientific literacy and technical skills necessary for success as citizens in our ever-evolving world.


The Pathway Program is an exceptional collaboration between KMIDS and KMITL, providing our students with a distinctive perspective and a structured route into university education.

This program is an extraordinary opportunity for KMIDS students aspiring to pursue higher education degrees across various University departments, including Medicine, Engineering, Architecture, Business, Science, CMKL, IAAI, Dentistry, and the Food Industry.

Under this initiative, KMIDS seniors will actively participate in classes alongside first-year students at the KMITL campus. This immersive learning experience allows students to engage with university-level coursework under the guidance of accomplished extensive expertise in their respective fields KMITL professors.  


Advanced Placement (AP) courses, authorized by the College Board, are college-level programs that undergo thorough auditing and approval processes. These high school courses, commonly known as AP courses, offer the potential to earn college credits, subject to university policies, in addition to high school credits. This credit opportunity is dependent upon successful performance on the corresponding AP Exam.


Currently, KMIDS offers sixteen AP courses including : 

  • AP biology
  • AP chemistry
  • AP Physics I
  • AP environmental Science
  • AP Physics : Mechanics
  • AP Physics C : Electricity & Magnetism
  • AP Computer Science Principle
  • AP Computer Science A
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC
  • AP Statistics
  • AP Language & Composition
  • AP Literature & Composition
  • AP Microeconomics
  • AP Human Geography 
  • AP Psychology


This program is recommended for individuals interested in pursuing academic opportunities abroad, especially at institutions that use Advanced Placement (AP) college credits to enroll. Additionally, it supports students aspiring to engage in university-level coursework at an advanced stage.

While AP courses offer numerous advantages to students, they are simultaneously challenging. Consequently, there are eligibility criteria that students must meet before enrolling in an AP course at KMIDS.

While there isn’t automatic acceptance, our students will benefit from more opportunities to attend in their academic pursuits with faculties that meet their career interests at the KMITL, especially for students in the Pathway program, giving them valuable experience with university-level coursework in their field. 


KMIDS extends optional accommodation services for students.

Our dormitories offer an array of amenities to enhance the student experience, including breakfast at 7:00 a.m. and dinner at 5:00 p.m., laundry service, high-speed internet, and a collaborative workspace.

KMIDS values the utmost safety for our students. The dormitory prioritizes security with a dedicated guard and an advanced electrical security system. This system restricts access to non-residents, guaranteeing the safety of our students. 

Furthermore, the dormitory is overseen by a dedicated teacher who provides support and nurturing care for all students throughout their residency.

Notification for dormitory reservations will be sent before the semester starts. 

For inquiries regarding dormitories, please don’t hesitate to reach out using the contact provided below.

Dorm Supervisor

061-420-4221 | Ms. Juna

At KMIDS, we anticipate that students will adhere to the requirement of wearing proper and complete school uniforms daily. Embracing school uniforms fosters a sense of dignity and pride in one’s identity as a student. These uniforms ensure a cohesive and distinguished appearance and are available at the school store before the semester starts. 

For information regarding costume regulations, we invite you to peruse the detailed guidelines on this web page.