Academic Leadership Team

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Punnama Siriphannon
Director of KMIDS
Dr. Prapoj Srinuwattiwong
Deputy Director for General Administration
Marc Bourget
Asst. Dir. for Academic Services
John Cork
Ed Tech Coordinator
Dr. Mark Hanson
Dean of Student Services
Dr. Punnama
Dr. Punnama
Director of KMIDS
I am enjoying my first year as Director, and we have had an excellent start to the school year. Our innovative Pathway Program has proven to be a great innovation, and our Senior Class, the first in school history, has already achieved fantastic results in gaining early acceptance to university.  In addition, our many robotics teams continue to excel, with our national championship WRO team competing in Hungary, and with teams competing in Taiwan and Japan in the very near future.
The KMIDS family has shown its strength and commitment to the school by helping us with Open House activities, in attending Parent-Teacher conferences in large numbers, and in supporting our extracurricular and academic programs.  I am very pleased to be a part of such a caring community, and I am looking forward to our students’ continued growth and achievement. 
Marc Bourget
Assistant Director for Academic Services
Marc is driven by a sincere sense of duty to the individual accomplishments of every KMIDS student and the shared success of the entire school. In 2018, when the school was just in its second year, Marc joined KMIDS, excited to be a member of its mission to transform the school’s young scholars into “masters of innovation.” Over the years, KMIDS scholars have proven to possess the intelligence, skills, curiosity and creativity to be truly the next generation of global innovators—an ambition that shapes Marc’s resolve to provide and preserve a challenging yet supportive learning environment that hones all of these traits.
Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Marc travelled extensively throughout the three continents bordering the Mediterranean Sea as a young man in the United States Marine Corps. After serving four years in the military, Marc returned to Boston to earn a BA in Philosophy and Literature at the University of Massachusetts and an MA in Teaching at Tufts University, where Marc first developed his devotion to the role of educator. In 2003, Marc took this commitment abroad and has dedicated his career to international education ever since. South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Myanmar, and Thailand—in all of these countries, Marc has had the privilege to serve as both a classroom teacher and an administrative leader.
Of the dozens of countries Marc has had the good fortune to travel to or work in, Thailand had always stayed with him since first touching toe to sand on the shores of Phuket in 2003. An opportunity to work in Thailand first arose in 2010, one that Marc happily and gratefully accepted. This sense of gratitude—derived from a life of work Marc’s passionate about and cultivated in a home abroad he’s passionate for—has only grown after joining the KMIDS family. It’s a family he’s proud to be member of because its mission is one he believes in and one the whole school community is dedicated to accomplishing.