On behalf of our Middle School and High School Science teachers, I would like to welcome you to the KMIDS Science Department! Our teachers and students are passionate about hands-on inquiry-based science and it is at the forefront of everything we do.


In Middle School, we have a bespoke package that caters to the needs of our students. Our curriculum follows the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) Curriculum, blended with the Thai MOE science standards. We have an excellent resource available to complement this: FOSS – The Full Option Science System. This is an investigation driven approach that centers around Big Ideas of Science and real-world questions. Students carry out practical activities and try to reach answers by working scientifically. Our students are not expected to sit and memorize/rote learn terms from a textbook, but instead, think critically to apply scientific skills and concepts to real-world situations.

Middle School Science at KMIDS


In High School, we have a range of courses available of which some are elective and some are core. All students will study our core High School Science courses which are Biology, Chemistry and Physics. These courses serve as a foundation for further scientific study and follow the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) blended with the Thai MOE standards. Our state of the art science labs and experienced and qualified teachers spark curiosity in our students as they explore experimental design, data collection, evaluation and try to solve real-world dilemmas in the laboratory. We understand the importance of University entrance which is why some students will choose to take the SAT exam. Our approach of giving students exposure and practice of this style of assessment early on helps to ensure their succes


For students who are interested in further study in science areas of their choice, we offer the Advanced Placement program. This gives our students the chance to study at the college level, to really prepare them for their future. AP courses are based around science as a practice and students learn many transferrable skills and an internationally recognized college-level qualification.

AP Science at KMIDS

The science department also partners with KMITL to assist students who embark on our Pathway programs. This allows senior students to start studying freshman college classes for college credit at KMITL whilst they complete their final year at KMIDS. This is a unique program and offers numerous advantages to our students as they look towards their university careers.