Developing the fundamentals of a student’s educational and life achievements—skills, knowledge, and character—the KMIDS Middle School lays an academic and personal foundation for our students that fully prepares them for the rigorous KMIDS high school courses that await them in their future. Starting in grade 6, students are immersed in a challenging core curriculum aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), American Education Reaches Out standards (AERO),and the Thai Basic Education Core Curriculum standards.


Coding and Computer Science—also an integral part of the middle school curriculum—are taught in the IT and STEM with Robotics courses, which use the CodeHS curriculum and Carnegie Mellon curriculum, respectively. Additionally, the middle school includes courses in Thai language and culture, which are compulsory for Thai nationals, and are supported by a pull-out program for students who are learning Thai as a second language.


The KMIDS Middle School curriculum aims to nurture and refine the mind and body as well as to build academic knowledge and skills through weekly music, art, and physical education classes. Life skills, which are vital to success inside and outside of the classroom, are also developed in weekly advisory and health classes.  Except for Thai Language and Thai Social Studies, all courses are taught in English by Western-trained, native-English teachers. Additional English Language Arts courses are also taught to all middle school students in order to ensure English proficiency when KMIDS students enter upper secondary school.