KMIDS believes in expanding the English skills of our students to their fullest possible extent. In order to achieve that, our English classes focus on two aspects of learning the English language.

At every grade level, students are offered two separate courses of English, each with a unique focus. Firstly, all of our students go through an English Language Arts (ELA) course at every grade level.

In the ELA courses, students expand their knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar, improve their communication skills, their public speaking skills as well as their English writing ability.

The ELA courses focus on analyzing various forms of information texts and carrying out personal research. Thus, these courses help improve the students’ overall level of English proficiency, and prepare them for all other classes and courses taken at the school.

They also prepare students for their future education at university level, and help them build awareness of the current issues. English is a language of literature, philosophy, various emotions and life experiences.

At KMIDS, every student takes the English Literature course at each grade level. In these courses, students analyze short stories, poems, novels and biographies. They deepen their reading skills in English, and use the English language to analyze complex texts in-depth. They use English to formulate and compare opinions on various matters, which in turn allows them to be more aware of their surroundings and conscious of various life experiences.

With the aforementioned courses, KMIDS hopes to ensure that our students grow up to be fully proficient, analytical and self-aware users of the English language.


For students who are interested in further study in science areas of their choice, we offer the Advanced Placement program. This gives our students the chance to study at the college level, to really prepare them for their future. AP courses are based around science as a practice and students learn many transferrable skills and an internationally recognized college-level qualification. 

AP Science at KMIDS