World Robot Olympiad Thailand 2023 Champion!
Congratulations to the KMIDS Team, named KMIDS DOMINATION, comprised of Chawit (Kendo) Buacharoen and Ananda (Ing) Sirikrai, for their outstanding achievement at the WORLD ROBOT OLYMPIAD THAILAND 2023 (Junior – Central Region Round). They have emerged as the Champions in this prestigious competition.

Recently, KMIDS sent teams of talented junior students with expertise in Robotics and technology to participate in the WRO – WORLD ROBOT OLYMPIAD THAILAND 2023. Our students garnered praise from the referees for showcasing their exceptional skills in robotics and technology during the event. Notably, the KMIDS DOMINATION team delivered an exceptional performance, which led to them receiving the Champion award!


King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang International Demonstration School

1 Thanon Chalong Krung, Ladkrabang, Bangkok, TH 10520