KMIDS Pathway Fair

What is a Phalanx? - Social Studies @KMIDS

This lesson begins with a warm-up activity testing students’ geography knowledge. Then our students learn about how the Greeks defended against the mighty Persian armies through the use of their famous phalanx formations. Students first learn about what the phalanx was. Then they simulate the Greek Phalanx formation and discover first hand the strengths and weaknesses of this formation through doing maneuvers while defending against the Persian’s paper projectiles. After the activity, students switch roles and repeat the activity. Students then complete a short worksheet describing the phalanx, reflecting on the activities, and listing the strengths and weakness of the phalanx.


King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang International Demonstration School

1 Thanon Chalong Krung, Ladkrabang, Bangkok, TH 10520