Computer Science


The increasing use of technology in today’s digital world makes the use of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) an essential skill for life. Students at KMIDS will learn not only the mastery of technical skills and techniques, but also the understanding to apply these skills purposefully, safely and responsibly. KMIDS students will use technology as a tool to enrich and extend their learning across the whole curriculum.

KMIDS’s technology plan is heavily focused on both student and teacher learning. This strategic plan emphasizes teachers’ adoption of tools, applications, and innovative practices to enhance student learning. KMIDS technology integration has been supported by the deployment of Microsoft Office 365, the adoption of a learning management system (Microsoft Teams), the incorporation of a student information system (RenWeb), the integration of Epson Short Throw projectors in the classrooms.

As we prepare students at KMIDS to be future-ready, we must challenge our students to delve well beneath the surface of learning to experience greater understanding. Rather than acquiring knowledge, the emphasis is on applying learning to authentic situations and solving real-world problems.


For students who are interested in further study in science areas of their choice, we offer the Advanced Placement program. This gives our students the chance to study at the college level, to really prepare them for their future. AP courses are based around science as a practice and students learn many transferrable skills and an internationally recognized college-level qualification. 

AP Science at KMIDS

The science department also partners with KMITL to assist students who embark on our Pathway programs. This allows senior students to start studying freshman college classes for college credit at KMITL whilst they complete their final year at KMIDS. This is a unique program and offers numerous advantages to our students as they look towards their university careers.