Although KMIDS is an international school with an American curriculum that focuses on STEM, the appreciation of Thai culture, the understanding of Thai history, and the development of Thai language skills are an important part of the KMIDS curriculum. Thai Language and Thai Social Studies courses have been developed in adherence to the Thai Ministry of Education’s standards and curriculum requirements, which emphasize the building of effective communication skills, the promotion of successful learning strategies, and the practical applicability to daily life.  These courses are compulsory for all Thai nationals.


In Thai Language and Social Studies classes, students are also given the opportunity to build their 21st Century skills. The teaching methodology in the Thai classes eschew traditional rote memorization. Instead, in both the language and culture classes, students are challenged to think critically, problem solve successfully, communicate effectively, and collaborate productively. ICT integration as well is an important component to the Thai Department’s modern approach towards learning.

Thai Department


The content of the Thai Department’s units are regularly revised and updated to ensure relevance to the issues of today’s Thai society and the modern global community. In the Thai classes, students are immersed in real-world scenarios, the lessons from which they can apply to their real-life experiences.


In addition to delivering the Thai curriculum in the classrooms, the Thai Department is privileged to honor and promote our treasured culture by organizing the school events that celebrate our important national holidays, such as Father’s Day, Wai Khru, and Songkran. These events not only instill in our students an appreciation for Thai values and culture but also afford them opportunities to participate and collaborate in schoolwide performances. And the student performances are nothing short of astounding! Every year, every event, our students’ ceremonious presentations, whether it be traditional dancing, singing, boxing, or playing music, never fail to fill the Thai Department and the entire KMIDS community with joy, wonder, and pride.