Student Spotlight

Pichaya Pichayadecha

9th Grade

9th grader Pichaya Pichayadecha, aka Candy, is one of the most active and involved students at KMIDS. She’s a homeroom representative, Model U.N. member, student-athlete, and even a singer for KMIDS events. What’s more, she was literally MC’ing the school assembly at which she won Student of the Month! The award, she said, gave her a “sense of pride and recognition.”


Candy believes her ability to “withstand challenging situations,” with “self-control, discipline, and patience,” is what won her Student of the Month for ‘tolerance.’ Indeed, these traits are crucial as homeroom representative, particularly when she has to get everyone to agree on an idea—like which country to represent for Multicultural Day.

Regarding her busy schedule, Candy strives to maintain a healthy work-life balance. To do this, she has a whiteboard at home to help with time management and scheduling.

Linlada Kietdumrongwong

Linlada Kietdumrongwong

9th Grade

Time management and effort. This is what it took for KMIDS 9th grader, Linlada Kietdumrongwong, aka “Lily,” to earn her scholarship.


According to Lily, she didn’t have to look far for inspiration: “I was motivated by my friends to study harder.” She believed that if they could earn A’s, she could too. Only first she needed to become more responsible, especially with regard to time management. To Lily, this means “not to rush everything,” but rather “make a plan and take time with it.”


By winning this scholarship, she is motivated to perform even better, as well as to inspire others to do the same by being more responsible: “I know the phone or social networking are important to you; however, when you are doing your work, you need put in all your effort and be patient.” Success doesn’t happen overnight, after all