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Creative Activities

Students learn how to combine the best elements of science, technology, and art into effective design. Working collaboratively in teams, students compete to win prizes for their creations.

STEAM Curriculum

Competitive learning activities train students to solve problems through collaboration, critical thinking and scientific methods.

Games and Awards

1st place winners of overall activity categories will receive an admission testing fee waiver valued at 5,500 baht

Shouting Out Loud with Your Mind:  There are 3 activities giving students the understanding of how engineering, science, and design can merge into things of wonder and beauty. 

Line Tracker Challenge: Students are going to learn about Line Tracker Sensor, which is the technique controlling a robot to follow a line, or to elude obstacles. Students will explore both basic electronic circuits and operation control systems by building a simple autonomous robot using line tracking sensors. 

CSI: 3 Student suspects and 2 student detectives will set the scene. Students must collect and analyze evidence to determine the likely suspect for the crime.

Bottle Rocket Challenge: Students compete in a physics challenge to create a well-balanced rocket. Then they compete against other rocket designs to see which one will blast off and cover the most distance. Who’s will go the distance? May the best scientist win! May the odds be ever in your favor!!


3-D Geometry: Students will be given 3dimensional drawings on paper and descriptions of geometric solids and learn how to draw them using isometric dot paper. They will enlarge the solid, reduce it and determine the surface area and volume of 3-dimensional solids and models of real-life figures.

Triangles in the plane: Students will be given two sets of three vertices. They will plot the points and connect the dots. The dots will form two triangles that look similar but have different orientation. Students will then be taught how to calculate the length of each side with the distance formula. After making their calculations, students will have to conclude if the triangles are congruent. 

Building Virtual Reality environments: Students explore VR videos to gain see what can be made in graphic design and multimedia using this technology.


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