“KMIDS students will be Masters of Innovation, full of inspiration and imagination.”


KMIDS is a forward-thinking, leading international school specializing in producing elite-level graduates who are motivated and ambitious stewards of the future, ready to contribute to a global society in a practical and positive way.

As a recently established international demonstration school in Bangkok, KMIDS embraces the challenges that come with developing outstanding learning opportunities for all students. As carefully constructed by our diverse and experienced instructional team, our unique STEAM-focused curriculum and extra-curricular activities have been designed to promote a vibrant, dynamic, and progressive learning environment here at KMIDS.




Our mission is simple – to embed a love of learning and to help students capitalize on their potential both inside and outside the classroom. In addition to this, we expect to:


  • Excel as a leading international school in science and technology 

  • Nurture graduates who are Imaginative, Innovative and Inspired

  • Imbue students with 21st Century skills 

  • Instill among students strong moral and ethical practices, self-confidence, and respect for self and others




Our educational philosophy reflects our deeply rooted ethos and values as our students “Discover Life, Discover Future.” As a community, KMIDS is passionate about nurturing students who truly understand their opportunities and obligations as the leaders of tomorrow.


Inquiry-based, active learning is at the core of our pedagogy and is incorporated in all KMIDS activities.


KMIDS provides for students a safe, happy and empathetic environment in which they feel comfortable and open in expressing themselves.