Tokyo Institute of Technology

Only one of 18 international students selected world-wide per year

Natchaya Hongsritong (Ploy)

KMIDS would like to commend Miss Natchaya Hongsritong (Ploy) on her recent acceptance to the Tokyo Institute of Technology (TokyoTech), one of the most prestigious and selective universities in Japan.)

We utilize state-of-the-art best online learning practices to support online learning.

As we are to provide the best education for our students. Our KMIDS qualified teachers are continuing to improve their tips for Online Teaching to assure that our KMIDS Online Learning Network progresses effectively for our students.
Stay Safe, Stay Active with KMIDS Online Classes!

Good job Tonnam!

First Prize Winner!​

KMIDS would like to congratulate Tonnam on his amazing performance at “AWS DEEPRACER RACATHON 2020.” Tonnam won the youth league first prize through his exceptional talents and hard work. 

Dancing is the hidden language of soul!

Aim, our grade 10 student, won the “ATOD International Dance Competition 2020.” Aim’s remarkable talent and grace were on display through her artistic expression in the competition, and the judges were so moved that they awarded Aim gold medals in both Hip Hop and Contemporary Ensemble, and a silver medal in ballet. KMIDS is very proud of Aim and her fantastic accomplishments!

KMIDS Welcomed Rama Road Show

On November 17, 2020, KMIDS invited 10 medical students and 1 staff member from Ramathibodi Hospital to our school as part of their 2020 Road Show. 

During this event, the medical students shared their knowledge and wisdom about their program with our students and parents. The information, interactive activities, and advice given were very helpful and motivated our students to work harder and to dream bigger. We were especially proud to welcome our KMIDS alumni, Louis and Pin, who are now Freshman medical students at Ramathibodi and were part of the ambassador group.  We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to these students and their teacher for their gracious and inspiring presentation. At KMIDS, Discover Life, Discover Future!


We never stop running until we achieve our goals, despite exhaustion or obstacles.

On November 26-27, 2020, KMIDS conducted our annual Sports Days, designed to provide our KMIDS community with an opportunity to share friendly competition among our Houses and to enhance relationships among students, teachers, and staff. A unique feature of this event is the chance for students to compete in athletics against their teachers: all in good fun, of course. Both days were extremely successful in bringing our community closer together and in providing our students with a chance to “shine” outside of the classroom.  Congratulations to the Yellow Team for winning the overall competition!

Santa Claus is coming to KMIDS!

On December 18, KMIDS welcomed students and parents to join in our annual“KMIDS Christmas Fair and Charity Event.”  What enlivens this event is that KMIDS is able to unify all community members into one strong KMIDS family in accordance with the purpose of Christmas. All attendees enjoyed the game booths provided by the school and marveled at the incredible talent on display during the ongoing talent show performances. Also, many thanks to our supporting parents for providing free food and drinks for everyone. Teachers and students enjoyed the day tremendously, and this has become a wonderful KMIDS tradition. 

KMIDS students are artists!

KMIDS students appreciating street art

Our KMIDS students attended the “KMITL Walking Street of Art” which was created by third-year students in the Faculty of Architecture. Our students were able to observe and think about the significance of art, not just its outward appearance.


ROTC Year2 (G11) community services

The KMIDS Thai Reserve Officer Training Corps Students (TROTCS) have visited and contributed to the underserved community.