KMIDS Warmly Welcomes Our New Director

KMIDS would like to extend a warm welcome to our acting School Director, Assistant Professor Dr. Chodchanok (Mink) Attaphong in joining our big family. Dr. Mink has years of experience at KMITL and a record of success in the engineering and environmental area which certainly will be valuable with the mission and goals of KMIDS.
“I have always admired and see KMIDS as a school with great potential in building a strong future for our community. We will be learning and working together to achieve the highest accomplishments for our wonderful family,” Dr. Mink.
All of KMIDS Faculty and Staff are truly honored and grateful to have you here. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Mink to the KMIDS Family.

KMIDS Is Proud to Announce Our Deputy Director

KMIDS is proud to announce that Marc Bourget has been appointed the Deputy Director for Academic Services. Marc is driven by a sincere sense of duty to the individual accomplishments of every KMIDS student and the shared success of the entire school.

“I have been with the KMIDS family for a few years now, and in those years, I’ve seen the school continually grow and develop in so many ways. I am honored to be offered this new title and promise to strive every day to keep this progress going,” said Mr. Marc.

KMIDS Is Proud to Announce Our Student Services Staff

Dr. Mark Hanson—KMIDS Dean of Student Services!

KMIDS warmly welcomes Dr. Mark Hanson who is officially appointed as KMIDS Dean of Student Services. As KMIDS’s Dean of Student Services, Dr. Mark puts the highest priority on supporting each individual student’s personal development and unique learning needs.

Dr. Mark formerly worked in university leadership in America, where his focus was on helping the team improve teaching and student success. He has also worked as a psychologist, helping students with academic and personal concerns. Following that, he has worked as an international teacher in Bangkok.

“The programs offered by Student Services compliment the rigorous academic curriculum by ensuring each student has the support they need to succeed.  It is our mission to ensure every student feels like they belong at KMIDS and that they are a valued part of our community.” Said Dr. Mark Hanson.

Mr. Stephen Liu—KMIDS Student Counselor!

KMIDS warmly welcomes Mr. Stephen Liu who is officially appointed as KMIDS Guidance Counselor. As the guidance counselor, Mr. Stephen’s primary responsibility is to promote the academic, career and social-emotional development of all students. He is there to encourage students to make the right choices that’ll not only allow them to succeed in high school, but in life as well.

 “To me, the most important thing in a child’s development is their social-emotional wellbeing. Even more than academics. If students are not happy, then they may be less willing to put in the effort to succeed in school. I always tell my students that I may not have the answers to their questions, but what I do have is an ear to listen to them and a promise that that they will never face a problem alone.”


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