KMIDS has fully equipped, safe, state of the art science laboratories with equipment not often seen in school science labs such as: fume hoods, incubators, industrial balances, Olympus microscopes and Vernier LabQuest. Students spend a lot of time in the labs in order to learn how to work scientifically in an inquiry based environment. We are confident that our approach of teaching our students to be innovative scientists instead of memorizing facts will pay off in the future. We train our scientists to have transferable skills in data analysis, evaluation, experimental design and critical thinking.

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KMIDS students shine brightly as they express their skills in the world of STEM and robotics.


For students who are interested in further study in science areas of their choice, we offer the Advanced Placement program. This gives our students the chance to study at the college level, to really prepare them for their future. AP courses are based around science as a practice and students learn many transferrable skills and an internationally recognized college-level qualification. 

AP Science at KMIDS

The science department also partners with KMITL to assist students who embark on our Pathway programs. This allows senior students to start studying freshman college classes for college credit at KMITL whilst they complete their final year at KMIDS. This is a unique program and offers numerous advantages to our students as they look towards their university careers.