MARCH, 2021

Congratulations! Dr. Nok Person of The Year 2021

On March 5, 2021, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Punnama Siriphannon, KMIDS Director, received the prestigious “Person of The Year 2021” Award at the Air Force Convention Hall.

With her leadership and vision, Dr. Punnama (Nok) has applied her expertise in administration and science to develop a new feature of education, leading KMIDS to be the best international school of science and technology in Thailand. KMIDS offers Thai students an opportunity to advance their skills and potential towards global progression.

“Here, at KMIDS, we incubate Masters of Innovation who are full of inspiration, imagination, and dedication. Our goal is to improve society and the global community,” – Dr. Nok

This recognition shows why KMIDS stands out among other international schools. We warmly congratulate Dr. Nok on this amazing accomplishment. KMIDS is very proud of her.

Graduation Day Photo Shoot

"You can be better than you imagine, but you have to prove it!"

Prof. Dr. Suchatvee Suwansawat, the president of KMITL, joined our KMIDS Graduation Day photo shoot for the Class of 2021.

Prof. Dr. Suchatvee Suwansawat shared a meaningful short motivational speech in which he encouraged our students to develop self-confidence and a broader perspective, encouraging them to become great leaders for Thailand and the world.


Michael Brunt, one of our Science and STEM teachers

On behalf of the KMIDS Family, we would like to offer our sincere congratulations to Mr. Michael Brunt, KMIDS Science and STEM teacher.

He recently presented his outstanding work entitled “Broadening Earthquake Awareness Through a Pan-Asian Educational Seismic Network,” and won the Best Presentation Award (the only such award given) at the International Research Conference for Science Education.

“This is to promote the school seismic learning programs in Asian countries which give students a way to a more intuitive knowledge of the world they live in. They will get hands-on understanding of how earthquakes are recorded, increase monitoring capabilities in their area, and are encouraged to become earthquake awareness advocates in their communities,” Mr. Michael Brunt.

Drawing Workshop and Art Exhibition at KMITL

Today, the KMIDS family was warmly welcomed by the President of KMITL and Dean of Faculty of Science to participate in a drawing workshop entitled: “Nostalgia for King Rama IX: workshop, drawing illustration using charcoal and Painting Exhibition of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej The Great” at the KMITL Central Library.

All of our students had a wonderful time sketching and painting together.

KMIDS’s Eco-Column Mini Ecosystem


Science students are learning to explore the different types of ecosystems, the components within each ecosystem, the conditions required for sustainability, and the interactions between various chambers composing the eco-column.

Over the course of the semester, students are required to monitor, measure, and record all possible abiotic and biotic factors pertaining to their eco-column, and then present their findings by writing a formal lab report.  

Pi Day with KMIDS

Pi Day has become an international holiday which math enthusiasts are celebrating all around the world. It has been celebrated in many ways, including eating pie, throwing pies (“pi” and “pie” being homophones in English) and discussing the significance of the number π (3.14). 

Be Kind by Teacher Ina


At KMIDS, we learn about good characteristics. The month of March is kindness month, and it gives us some time to realize the importance of treating everyone around us with kindness. Please follow along and enjoy some kindness pages created by the Grade 10 Graphic Design classes.

KMIDS Annual Art Competition 2021!

KMIDS held its Annual Art Competition 2021 allowing students who are interested in Art and Design to demonstrate their skills and creativity. Under the theme–HOPE, participants were assigned to design a face mask, expressing the meaning of hope through their works. Here, students have done excellent work! 

Final Result Announcement

Middle School

Give a big round of applause to all candidates and the winners from KMIDS MIddle School.
1st Place: Pin Gr. 7 “Hope Never Gone”
2nd Place: Sunny Gr.8 “Not that Far”
3rd Place: Gaga Gr.7 “You Have Hope, You Have Everything”

1st Place: Pin Gr. 7

“Hope Never Gone" The white wings represent hope and freedom, the space represents curiosity to know something, and the light represents the achievement.

2nd Place: Sunny Gr.8

“Not that Far" The stars represent that humans will win against Covid-19. As you can see, the girl can almost reach the big star which suggests that humanity is close to winning. Although the stars of hope may seem intangible, I believe that we will be able to reach it one day.

3rd Place: Gaga Gr.7

“You Have Hope, You Have Everything" I choose this theme because I think now we have Covid-19. The hands represent to not touch which is social distancing. We have hope to touch again. Rainbow flowers represent freedom, happiness, and we hope we can pass this situation. The heart represents healthy and we will survive.

High School

Congratulations to all the winners and give them an applause for their different and amazing work.
1st Place: Ik-Q Gr.1003 “Touched of Life”
2nd Place: Anika Gr.9 “Lights of Hope”
3rd Place: Khawhom Gr.12 “Healthy”

1st Place: Ik-Q Gr.1003

“Touched of Life" As the number of infected rises, our hopes that we once had now slowly faded. Two hands trying not to lose those glimpses of light, eventhough the place where we stand is so dark. Eventually, life would be reborn. The sunflowers always face where there's light, and so do we.

2nd Place: Anika Gr.9

“Lights of Hope" My theme is the Northern lights or aurora borealis. It is a very rare occurrence and in many countries it is believed that these lights bring good news as well as good luck. I chose this because I want to show that even if something seems impossible or rare there is still hope for it to come. For example, with the Covid-19 situation, even if it seems rare, we should keep hoping for good news to come.

3rd Place: Khawhom Gr.12

"Healthy" Staying home during COVID-19, please do some exercises to ensure you stay fit!