1. KMIDS will be the country’s first science-focused international demonstration school to produce innovators proficient in English. Students will be specially trained under an accelerated mathematics and science curriculum that is integrated with a Modular System blending language, humanities, art, and sports. Most school graduates will pursue further studies in the fields of science, technology, engineering and medicine.

2. KMIDS will focus on incubating high school graduates with the required qualifications to continue their higher education at KMITL and leading universities in Thailand and abroad. After finishing higher education, they will become science graduates who will invent and innovate to support the country’s development and become the great pride of the nation.

3. KMIDS has a curriculum development team that combines the flexibility of the American educational system and intensive Thai system to create a unique curriculum. Also featured are a group of elective subjects called Pathway to KMITL. This consists of foundational subjects generally offered to first year undergraduates at KMITL. Lecturers with good English capability are invited to share their knowledge with KMIDS students. After graduation, students who have taken Pathway to KMITL and are accepted to KMITL can transfer these credits.

4. KMIDS graduates with excellent scores will have the opportunity to enter KMITL through the annual direct admission program. Other leading universities nationwide have similar direct admission programs, which can take approximately 600 students in total each year.

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