KMIDS establishes a partnership with CMKL University!

Today, KMIDS is thrilled to announce a comprehensive vision for inspiring KMIDS students to become world leaders in innovation and technology by entering into a partnership agreement with CMKL University – the world’s top-ranked AI University.

CMKL University, also known as Carnegie Mellon – CMKL | Thailand, is a top-tier research university focusing on innovation and AI technology. 
The university was established through a partnership between two leading universities in advanced technologies: Carnegie Mellon University in the United States and KMITL in Thailand. Therefore, CMKL university is uniquely qualified to facilitate learning in Advanced computer, Engineering, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Smart devices and Software systems.

The partnership between KMIDS and CMKL University

KMIDS aims to foster students’ skills in and understanding of advanced technology, so KMIDS is currently developing KMIDS courses which are equivalent to Freshman Year CMKL Bachelor of Engineering in AI & Computer Engineering (AiCE) courses in the university, offering our high school students opportunities to experience advanced learning in technology at the university level.

About the AiCE program

Bachelor of Engineering in AI & Computer Engineering (AiCE)

Al & Computer Engineering Competency Based Curricula

Thailand’s first integrated bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering!

The mission of the undergraduate program in AiCE is to create a flexible undergraduate educational experience, comprising: mathematics, science, computer science and statistics; general education (humanities, social sciences and fine arts); written and oral communication; AI and Computer Engineering core, breadth, coverage, depth, and capstone design requirements; as well as undergraduate research.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Supan Tungjitkusolmun
President of CMKL University

The AiCE curriculum is curated especially focuses on the Al core theoretical foundations, machine learning and Imperative / Functional programming and provides advanced algorithmic, statistical and Computer Engineering knowledge. By espousing these areas, students can expect to grasp a keen understanding of the technology, its history, functionality and challenges in the application of AI through Domain Specific Application such as Medical, Business & Financial Innovation, Education, Logistic.

When you graduate with a B.Eng in AiCE from CMKL, you’ll have the Computer Engineering savvy and skills our students are known for, with the added expertise in machine learning and automated reasoning that you’ll need to build the Al of tomorrow.

Despite the beginning stage of this partnership, KMIDS will continue this educational partnership for the best benefits of all KMIDS students.