Chanittha (Jaja) Sastwej
Congratulations! Chanittha (Jaja) Sastwej, one of our G11 KMIDS students, on winning the gold medal at the 2021 Asian Airgun Championship in Kazakhstan!
On September 10 – 20, the National Shooting Sport Association of Thailand sent 18 Thai athletes to Kazakhstan to compete in the 2021 Asian Airgun Championship. In the early stage of the competition, Mr. Nopadol, one of the 18 athletes, became the first Thai winner receiving the bronze medal. Then, Chanittha (Jaja) Sastwej, currently studying KMIDS, and her team partner Napis Tortungpanich entered the field of the duo round. The Thai duo outperformed the Kazakhstan duo by only 0.1 of a point in the competition receiving 625.9 points, while the Kazakhstan duo received 625.8 points. As a result, Chanittha (Jaja) Sastwej and Napis Tortungpanich won the gold medal achieving considerable fame of the stage!


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