Pathway to KMITL

The Pathway to KMITL program is a KMIDS’s program offering senior students opportunities to take college-level courses at KMITL university. 

KMIDS pathway students will attend the same classes that KMITL first-year undergraduate students attend, and learn with the experienced KMITL professors who are subject-matter experts in their fields. Furthermore, the Pathway students can earn the school credits from the Pathways courses. Also, KMIDS senior students who enrolled in the Pathway Program will be offered opportunities to achieve quota on entering to the faculty they selected.

Interview with Our Pathway student

Jomchai (Jom) Julputhipong Grade 12

1. What motivated you to enroll and study in the Engineering Pathway to KMITL program?
Since this is an opportunity directly offered from KMITL’s engineering faculty that I had intended, it is the best occasion to discover new dimension of knowledges and experiences as direct guidelines from seniors for a further studying in the university level. I also can deeply familiarize myself with the faculty of engineering in this technology institute, which will significantly help promoting my dream for being a part of this place to come true.


2. How had KMIDS helped you discover yourself in engineering?
At the first moment when I attend this school, they initially provide me an elective subject that related to the basic of engineering to give me an opportunity to ensure myself whether this is really my way. Besides that, KMIDS also organized a summer research program at KMITL in the faculty of engineering to give various suggestions about different engineering programs, by observing some classes, and getting some laboratory experience. Hence, mechatronic engineering is consequently where I discovered to be my passion.
3. How has KMIDS curriculum and classes helped you prepare for studying college-level courses?
This school prepares students in the STEAM field, which is important for me to become an engineer. At my school, I learned many compulsory and elective math and science classes. For example, I took AP Computer Science and AP Calculus AB. I also took STEM with Robotics. These classes made my skills in programming and calculation better which will definitely help to enhance the college-level courses’ studying.
4.What impressed you the most about attending on campus classes with KMITL professors and 1st year undergraduate students?
Since I am enrolled in the engineering pathway, I am impressed by the fact that both lecture and lab professors did not rush us at all when teaching. Although there were plenty of chapters that had to be completed, they never neglected to response to any students’ confusions at all. Moreover, professors also cared about each students’ feelings when they experienced some failure by trying to encourage student to be able to rise up again. Lastly, I am very appreciative of the assistance for the university application that I have received from every KMIDS staff, especially Mr. Lee KMIDS school consultant. Without them I wouldn’t have been as successful as I am willing to be today