Pathway to KMITL

The Pathway to KMITL program is a KMIDS’s program offering senior students opportunities to take college-level courses at KMITL university. 

KMIDS pathway students will attend the same classes that KMITL first-year undergraduate students attend, and learn with the experienced KMITL professors who are subject-matter experts in their fields. Furthermore, the Pathway students can earn the school credits from the Pathways courses. Also, KMIDS senior students who enrolled in the Pathway Program will be offered opportunities to achieve quota on entering to the faculty they selected.

Interview with Our Pathway student

Nithit (Ai) Bunchatheravate Grade 12

1. What motivated you to enroll and study in the Engineering Pathway to KMITL program?
First of all, it was an experience I knew was unique and could possibly be once in a lifetime. An experience which could only be found at KMIDS and one that would begin to open doors into college life. Enrolling into the program was a chance for me to
understand the workload and teaching methods of a world-renowned university like KMITL. A chance for a regular high school student to learn in a college-level class isn’t an opportunity that you simply pass up, it is one that you take advantage of.
2. How had KMIDS helped you discover yourself in engineering?
With the unlimited opportunities to present myself in whichever way I felt comfortable, from Intro to Engineering classes to faculty-specific summer camps, I was able to find out what I really enjoyed learning about and what I would look forward to having a
career in. KMIDS has opened doors to endless possibilities. After deciding to take the engineering route, it was time to get specific. With guidance from the school’s counselor and the opportunity to attend KMITL’s pre biomed camp, I was able to make my decision to pursue a degree in biomedical engineering.
3. How has KMIDS curriculum and classes helped you prepare for studying college-level courses?
Well, a way to prepare for college courses is to take actual college courses like the ones offered at KMIDS in the form of Advanced Placement. These courses are designed to be a substitute for an actual university course so it would make sense for them to be in depth and challenging. The different techniques taught within these small AP classes allow for an understanding that would be unrivaled in the college atmosphere with a higher student to faculty ratio.
4.What impressed you the most about attending on campus classes with KMITL professors and 1st year undergraduate students?
What impressed me the most about the pathway program was how engaging the professors were towards the students. This is especially evident in Physics labs where the professor would go out of his way to find time to help his students understand the material if needed. The connections built throughout the process of joining the programs cannot be challenged by any other institute. The professors don’t teach just so they cover all material, they teach for the sole purpose of wishing that the students are able to utilize the knowledge learnt in class and apply it in future endeavors.