Pathway to KMITL

The Pathway to KMITL program is a KMIDS’s program offering senior students opportunities to take college-level courses at KMITL university. 

KMIDS pathway students will attend the same classes that KMITL first-year undergraduate students attend, and learn with the experienced KMITL professors who are subject-matter experts in their fields. Furthermore, the Pathway students can earn the school credits from the Pathways courses. 
Also, KMIDS senior students who enrolled in the Pathway Program will be offered opportunities to achieve quota on entering to the faculty they selected.

Interview with Our Pathway student

Trin (Camping) Wattanathaworn Grade 12

1. What motivated you to enroll and study in the Architecture Pathway to KMITL program?

My motivation for joining the architecture pathway is that I can get to experience learning in an environment that will also be my future. To be prepared for the upcoming future, pathway classes are a good foundation for university-level classes and culture. At first, joining a pathway class can create a little bit of problem and fear. But, since the pathway is the class that lets you discover yourself, if you like what you are doing even failure and stress will turn into motivation to do better and try to catch up with them.

2. How has KMIDS helped you discover yourself in architecture?

I discover more about architecture during the learning in pathway. With pathway courses learning as a high school student is impossible. So, the more I adapt to a college student, the more I learn. During my 11th grade year, I was the only student in the architecture pathway, so I used most of my time practicing and learn more classes on my own time and then during 12th grade I was prepared for the classes. The pathway course gives you a lot of options to learn and because of the time slot sometimes you will learn a new type of architecture. For me, learning new things is very fun and it is a good way to improve your skill in other aspects. Some people would end up learning in other programs because they discover themselves by trying various opportunities. Last, but not least, I know more about university life.

Trin (Camping) Wattanathaworn Grade 12

KMIDS Pathway Student

3. How has KMIDS curriculum and classes helped you prepare for studying college-level courses?

I was lucky to have a very supportive art teacher during my first year at KMIDS. I was a lone wolf during the first year because I was the only one who was in the architecture pathway. During that time, I had many opportunities as an art student that helped me develop my art style and a new perspective for art. But not all is art in my school year, I struggled very much in other fields of academics such as math and science, especially physic. Despite that, I was able to find a way to pass the courses with the support of a teacher that always reminded and motivated me along the way.

4. What impressed you the most about attending on campus classes with KMITL professor and 1st year undergraduate students?

The most impressive thing about learning at the campus with many seniors is to get to know more about them and how they work. This is essential for developing a new standard of discipline since architecture requires a lot of concentration and time to create one project. It is best to gain this discipline and experience on campus by learning to do the difficult work and learning to tackle it on your own.