Pathway to KMITL

The Pathway to KMITL program is a KMIDS’s program offering senior students opportunities to take college-level courses at KMITL university. 

KMIDS pathway students will attend the same classes that KMITL first-year undergraduate students attend, and learn with the experienced KMITL professors who are subject-matter experts in their fields. Furthermore, the Pathway students can earn the school credits from the Pathways courses. 
Also, KMIDS senior students who enrolled in the Pathway Program will be offered opportunities to achieve quota on entering to the faculty they selected.

Interview with Our Pathway student

Miss Yanisa Tantatsavad Grade 12

1. What motivated you to enroll and study in the Medicine Pathway to KMITL program?
At the beginning of the year, I wasn’t sure about my university path and which program should I enroll in during my university years. Having the Medicine Pathway KMITL program allows me to learn more about this career path and helps me in deciding whether I like it or not. I also wanted to enroll in the Medicine Pathway KMITL because I wanted to challenge myself with more challenging topics and not only high-school-level education. 
2. How has KMIDS helped you discover yourself in Medicine?

KMIDS provided me the pathway programs that I will be able to study in the faculty of my choice. The program allows me to have a trial in learning in those certain faculties. Aside from the pathway program, KMIDS also provided me with different subjects to choose from; this allows me to know more about myself and learn what I enjoy learning and what I don’t.

Miss Yanisa Tantatsavad Grade 12

KMIDS Pathway Student

3. How have KMIDS curriculum and classes helped you prepare for studying college-level courses?

From my experiment here, the teachers and staff are very supportive of the students. Students can choose freely, with the teachers’ suggestions, whether which class they would like to enroll. KMIDS also has AP courses that will prepare the students in facing tougher lessons in their university lives.

4. What impressed you the most about attending on campus classes with KMITL professors and 1st year undergraduate students?

Since I am enrolled in the medical pathway, I am impressed by the fact that the professors do not rush us when teaching. The professors adjust their lessons according to us so that all of us will be able to understand the lessons clearly.