Online Learning!
“Since we can't hang anything on the walls in a classroom, let's try to hang something up on the wall of the internet instead,” said teacher John Bailey.

In the grade 9 literature class, teacher John Bailey has creatively applied the ed tech application called “Padlet” allowing his students to share their life stories through descriptive writing and meaningful pictures. This will keep our students engaged and organized, and to create and maintain the close relationship between students and teachers during the online learning period.

Visit Padlet, 901 Class: Pictures of us and their stories 901 (
902 Class: Pictures of us and their stories 902 (
903 Class: Pictures of us and their stories 903 (

Samui 2020

This is random photo is of me on top if a mountain as the sun is setting.

My wife took the photo in the summer of 2020 when we were on holiday in Samui.

We were visiting a café, and on the way back to our room, we decided to take a skinny side road up the crest of this mountain to have a look at the sunset. I can remember that they were building a very beautiful 4-bedroom house up there, too, and that you would soon be able to rent it out for 40,000 THB per night, or something like that. Maybe one day!

That trip was one of the last holidays I took. Who could have guessed that a couple months later, we would have a baby on the way, and wouldn't be able to travel? I suppose for that reason, I value this time on holiday even more than I normally would.

I keep this photo on my phone together with all of the other random photos from my life. I like it, and decided to post it here, because of the memories of our wonderful adventure, and I can imagine that I'm back there, on the top of Samui.

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