Coronavirus - UPDATE

February 27, 2020

Covid-19 Update


Dear KMIDS Families –


We are all well aware of the public concerns regarding the spread of Covid-19, and we continue to monitor the recommendations of the reliable authorities.  As is the case in any event of this nature, much information shared in the public is not accurate, and there is often a tendency for people to panic.


Our school is currently following safety protocols for cleaning and attendance, including the self-reported 14-Day Quarantine.  In addition, as of tomorrow, we will be adding additional measures as you will find outlined below.  However, please be aware that we have no REAL identified risk on our campus at this point.  


The facts are as follows:


  • One student visited Japan before the February 21 “deadline” imposed by the government. That student is currently following the 14-Day Quarantine protocol, and he has been tested thoroughly for any potential health issues, including Covid-19. He is not, however, ill in any way.

  • One teacher is currently in the U.S. for a family emergency, and he will be routed through Japan. He will not return to campus until he has completed the 14-Day Quarantine protocol.

  • One set of parents visited Japan recently, and they have taken their children out of school and the whole family is going through testing.

  • One Grade 12 student had a fever this morning, and he has been sent home as a precaution. His testing revealed only a common cold.

  • Our campus is cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis, and each weekend it is completely sanitized with Dettol, etc. The complete sanitization happens daily in the dormitory.

  • Beginning tomorrow, all students will once again be checked for not only elevated temperatures, but also for any signs/symptoms related to illness. These screenings will be conducted by registered nurses, not by faculty or staff.

  • Beginning tomorrow, we are requesting all students or visiting parents to present passports so that we can check for travel history. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we are following the lead of several other reputable schools in taking this extra step.  Students will be allowed to attend school only if they produce their passports.  In the event that a student does not possess a passport, we are asking that student’s parent sign a legal document, prepared by our school lawyers, to confirm that her/his child has not traveled to one of the “at-risk” countries within the past month.

  • We have completed preparation for a full online learning module to use in the event that it becomes necessary to close the school. Information and details on that will be shared if it indeed becomes necessary to conduct distance learning, but everything can easily be managed through Microsoft Teams and RenWeb.

  • We have consulted with the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine for best practices, and his advice is the same as that of the CDC: simple precautions are the best, including washing hands frequently, not touching one’s eyes, nose or mouth, and wearing a mask if one is experiencing any symptoms. There is little evidence that wearing a mask as a preventative measure has much benefit.

  • Lastly, we are recommending to all families that they do what makes them most comfortable. If you would like to get tested, or test your child, please do so.  If you are not comfortable with them being in a school environment, of course it is always your right to keep them home if you think that is safer. 

We are always concerned about the well-being of our students, and we will take all reasonable measures to protect them.  However, we will also not over-react and act in an irresponsible manner as we try to maintain a reasonable learning environment here on campus.  This is still the best place for learning to happen, although of course we will not allow that to take place if there is undue risk involved.


As always, thank you for your support of KMIDS.  We will continue to provide updates on a regular basis to let you know how this situation is unfolding.



KMIDS Administration