Chanyanuch (Chanya) Budsaratrakool wins the 3th place award at the Super Kart Thailand 2022, Bira Kart International Circuit, Pattaya.
Apart from being an exceptional student at KMIDS, Chanyanuch (Chanya) also has a special talent for kart racing. Recently, she participated the Super Kart Thailand 2022 which was held in the Bira Kart International Circuit, Pattaya. She has truly demonstrated her outstanding skills at this kart racing competition, so she was awarded the 3th place in the 1st round. However, in the 2nd round, she encountered unpredictable situations in the kart field, but she was able to handle it. Despite not receiving awards in the 2nd round, she won high praise from that!
Chanya and her sister, Chanicha (Chacha), will join the Rotax Max Challenge Asia Festival 2022, Morac Adventure Park Langawi, Malaysia! We are proud to call them KMIDS students.


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