KMIDS Pathway Fair

KMIDS Pathway Fair KMIDS Pathway Fair KMIDS stands out from other international schools due to its strong partnership with KMITL, resulting in a distinctive program known as the “Pathway to KMITL.” By enrolling in this program, KMIDS students gain numerous advantages. They have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in university courses and engage in …

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KMIDS IOT CARS │ STEM CLASS KMIDS IOT CARS │ STEM CLASS Grade 9 students built IOT cars using instructions and materials in school. Students constructed the cars from small kits, soldered components together which was a new experience and skill for most students. They coded their cars and uploaded the code to Arduino R3 …


The Peer-2-Peer Tutoring Program!

The Peer-2-Peer Tutoring Program The Peer-2-Peer Tutoring Program โครงการ “พี่สอนน้อง” English Thai The Peer-2-Peer Tutoring Program is a new, student-based academic support program that began this year, where students help other students not just with academics, but also with life-skills. The program began just this year in quarter 2, with 20 students, and has already …

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ASL Translator Software – Phonlakrit

KMIDS STUDENT SPOTLIGHT ASL Translator Software Phonlakrit (Mee-Pooh) Tiraratn English Thai Language is undoubtedly one of the most crucial inventions of humanity, as it allows people to convey their thoughts and emotions to others. However, it’s estimated that over 1.5 billion people worldwide live with some form of hearing loss, which often makes communication a …

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KMIDS Takes an Essential Step towards the “Metaverse”

KMIDS takes an essential step towards the “Metaverse”. Together with KMITL Interactive Digital Center (KIDC), KMIDS takes an essential step towards the “Metaverse”. The digital universe called “Metaverse” has been created using various kinds of novel technology, including Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), that allow people to connect each other through the virtual …

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