Other International Schools KMIDS
They utilize on-campus facilities and teachers We share facilities, technology, courses and lecturers with KMITL, the leading university. This allows students to explore and develop their skills and interests.
Graduates obtain High School Diploma only. Those who apply for Thailand’s central admission must submit required documents to the Ministry of Education to receive equivalent diploma as Matthayom 6. We provide KMIDS students with Matthayom 6 Diploma. Therefore, students will not have to submit the required documents for Thailand’s central admission on their own.


Typical international schools are not focused on science and technology We are international school that specialized in science and technology. Students will have opportunities to choose their pathway such as in mathematics, science and technology.
They are not affiliated with universities and offer no courses from specific university We offer undergraduate level science and mathematics elective courses. Pathway to KMITL courses are instructed by university lecturers. The credits that students obtained during KMIDS years can be transferred to KMITL. Students with these credits do not need to repeat the course in their first year.
Students who decide to pursue their higher education in Thailand’s leading universities must pass the requirements of central admission system. KMITL offers special direct admission and quota exclusively for KMIDS graduates who are qualified and pass the KMITL faculty’s admission exam.
Only use teacher resources for limited researches


KMIDS is affiliated with College of Educational Innovation Research (CEIR) that is specialized at researching to create Best Practice for students. This allows curriculum that fits 21st century students.


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